Episode 30

In episode 30 we discuss all things Trump. From tweeting to Tillerson and the end of the state department as we know it. In the next segment the question is asked, ” Can a philosophical argument qualify as evidence.” Maybe, maybe not. What are your thoughts? In the last segment we cover the merits of 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive. Sort of, then an argument ensues as usual.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 30

Episode 29

In episode 29 Trump Jr. is at the top of the hour with his tweets of incrimination. Do the tweets actually incriminate anyone or are they hearsay? Next we discuss the differences, whether good or bad, between front and rear wheel drive. And which is our favorite. In the last segment we talk more about the 350 Chevy and try to give Pete a little more basic engine knowledge, for better or worse.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 29

Episode 28

In episode 28 irregular Brandon talks all things Trump. As per usual his administration and himself have done something ridiculous. Also NPR is tweeting now, this did not go over well with Trump supporters. Next Timmy would like to talk about Poe’s Law, for example, don’t parody an extremist because people will think that you are one. Aaron asks which is better, carburetor or fuel injection, of course depending on the application the answer you have might be different than the person sitting next to you.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 28

Episode 27

In episode 27 we go over the school age pissing match between Trump and Morning Joe. We also delve into the AHCA and just how many people do not approve of what the GOP is trying to accomplish. In the next segment we talk about gullible people, GOOP, and people who buy into homeopathic remedies. In the last segment Tim and Aaron try to help Pete gain higher knowledge about engines, except there was a beer review and there was beer involved before that and beer before that… you get the idea.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 27