Episode 68

In episode 68 we cover minivans, sunscreen, and a crazy person. Then we will go into internet privacy and what could differ with the new laws. In the last segment we talk about unsprung mass and how it relates to your average automobile.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 68

Episode 67

The excuse for there being no episode this week is because upstate New York was covered in ice. A lot of ice. We decided since none of us are good enough ice rally racing drivers that we should probably not take our chances for fear of death, or worse. You shall hear from us next week provided mother nature doesn’t get so mad that she starts raining ice down on us again. Or anything else for that matter.

Episode 66

In episode 66 we discuss poop, so much poop. Did you know that oil spills are good for you? According to BP they are. And civil asset forfeiture is on the docket for the first segment. Part 3 of 3 on gun control is the second segment. In the third segment Aaron asks, “Why do people buy new cars, in the 35-45,000 dollar price range?

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 66