Episode 72

In episode 72 we discuss the Santa Fe mass shooting, banning archery, and Net neutrality. In the second segment we lightly cover the meaning behind type 1,2, and 3 civilizations according to the world of astrophysics. The last segment is all about the prevalence of electric cars and why we will all be driving them in the near future, whether you like it or not.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 72

Episode 71

In episode 71 the top topic at the top of the hour is Paul Ryan’s Australian Lamborghini. The top topic in the middle of the hour is Liberal colleges, liberal students, and when the liberal professor thinks that you are too liberal then you should rethink your priorities in life. The top topic at the end of the hour is about nut job car collectors, you know, the collectors that don’t drive them they just look at the cars.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 71

Episode 70

In episode 70 the top of the hour topics are, autistic dogs, Chinese prom dresses, and solar panels for everyone. In the second segment we discuss Jordan Peterson and how the the mob mentality affects protesters. Lastly the question, “Is the 32 Ford the most accessible hot rod?” is asked.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 70

Episode 69

In episode 69 we discuss crypto-currency and its implications when used by the federal government. HEAT IN SPACE!!! is the second topic. How do you get rid of unwanted heat in the vacuum of space? The third segment is a question and answer session, as in Aaron asks a question and you answer.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 69