Episode 98

In episode 98 we discuss the government shutdown and what effect that might have, and then guns and federal gun regulations. Apparently millenial’s and baby boomers have been going online and shouting at each other, and blaming each other for various misgivings. In the last segment we talk about cars and weight and how weight affects the economy of the vehicle and how it drives.


Episode 97

In episode 97 we of course talk about the government shutdown, the skills gap is a lie, and a robotic tongue has been banned from CES (surprise,surprise). What happens when a social media mob comes out to play in the real world? In the last segment we talk brakes, why they fail, and what to listen for.


Episode 96

In episode 96 the democrats are back in the house, for better or worse and then we talk about the bad democrats of Chicago and California. In the second segment we discuss Terry Davis, a brilliant programmer who wrote his own OS from top to bottom, but was also plagued with some very heavy mental instabilities that could not be overcome. The third segment is about modifying cars. Why? What do you consider a modified car and why do so many people do it so poorly?


Episode 95

In episode 95 we talk about how hospitals are now required to post their prices online, that courts are allowing people who have medical marijuana licences to sue their employers for wrongful termination, and how the TSA is training dogs with floppy ears. In the second segment we discuss the settlement of Spectrum Communications with the State of New York. In the third segment we talk about Space, and low cost methods of beginners astronomy.