Episode 56

Feedback time! It was logistically difficult for all three to get together in the garage to record so sadly no episode. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you, the listener, what you think about the show. What are we doing right or what are we doing wrong? What would you like to hear more of or what would you like to hear less of? Do you listen to us because we have intelligent, meaningful conversations or do you listen to us because of the beer review? Any other likes or dislikes? We want to become better at what we do and we can’t do that without feedback. Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you.

Episode 55

In episode 55 we talk Trump and shithole countries, Trump and pornstars, and a retraction about North Korea. Their missiles can reach further than we thought, sorry. Then we discuss the raw water movement and Oregon Trail. Your wagon wheel fell off and you died of… In the third segment we ask, “Why do Americans settle for such shitty small cars?”

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 55

Episode 54

In episode 54 we discuss how Trumps button may or may not be bigger than everybody else’s button. There was also a book released detailing the Trump Whitehouse. In the second segment Tim and Pete go full geek, pocket protectors and all. In the last segment Aaron attempts to discuss the pros and cons between independent rear axles and live axles but was interrupted by Tim, as per usual.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 54

Episode 53

In episode 53 we we discuss the insane interview trump did with the New York Times. We also go over what had happened to Nestle and their water supply. The second topic will be determinism. Does the time sausage have all of the answers for all time or just up until now? Do fate and destiny actually exist or is determinism unanswerable? Topic the third will be a comparison between the 2.4 liter engines from Honda and Toyota.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 53

Episode 52

T’was the night of the podcast…

Terrance’s lawyer called to let us know
we have paid our dues, we’ve been let go
It is a day of celebration
We shall indulge in some libation
This has been a major breakthrough
And just before Christmas too

We thought what a nice gesture it would be,
to invite them over for nice cup of tea
They accepted, Hooray! all shall be well,
our hearts went a flutter and began to swell
But then it began to rain ice from the sky,
“Oh dear,” said Pete, “won’t they all die?”
We held out hope and shoveled like mad,
But alas we saw no one and then became sad

“Wait,” shouted Aaron, “what’s that over there?”
As a cloud of black floated through the air
We were all so scared we thought we’d be beaten
Chewed up and mashed and then excreted
But what was this, it was a voice that we know
It was the angelic ring of Terrance’s widow

“Hark,” said she, “Don’t shoot, we come bearing a gift.”
We thought, how sweet, and that was the end of the rift
With smiles we put on the kettle and sat by the fire
While his relatives were all sitting on wire
As Tim told stories they all listened
Aaron stared out the window as the snow glistened
Aaron thought of the podcast and decided,
no way not tonight that would be misguided.

Episode 51

In episode 51 Roy Moore and Trump and net neutrality are the upwardly mobile topics. Is the Earth round or flat, disk shaped or spherical, is it a chocolate orange or is it a pumpkin spice cookie with icing only on the edge? The third segment we do a tool review, sort of. We tried something new and may have failed. Forward we shall push through the murky waters of failure and despair.All we have to do is make it to morning and we’ll be alright. Eastward bound for the sun shall rise again.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 51

Episode 50

In episode 50 we discuss Trump, Flynn, and the head of the FCC. What Flynn did this week and why the head of the FCC is a total twat-waffle. Universal basic income is the second topic. Is it a good thing or a bad thing or is it something that we will not be able to get away from. Do we have a choice but to go into the direction of having a basic income given to us by the Feds? The last segment asks, “Are driver-less semi-trucks or fully autonomous semi-trucks the future?

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 50

Episode 49

This is getting out of hand. Now Terrance’s great grand kids are sabotaging our recording equipment. We came into the garage to record and found that the mixer only had one working input. Upon further inspection we had found cricket feces inside of the mixer along with several chewed wires and five corpses. We assume that it took more than one generation of them to do enough damage to the mixer. We cleaned the mixer of the corpses and as we did we noticed that there was so much hate left in the bodies that it ate through the board. We held a funeral for the mixer, it was lovely.

Episode 48

In episode 48 a conversation ensues about the FCC and net neutrality, again. Because we apparently live in a world where people actually believe large corporations. A man you have never heard of is the topic of the second segment. We discuss his political/religious views at great length. The video linked below should be watched first to get an idea of what we are talking about (only watch the first 15 minutes, unless you’re a sycophant and enjoy this kind of thing). Where have all of the automotive manuals gone? asks Aaron in the third segment.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 48

Episode 47

You know that thing you did in the back of your car that one time? Yeah, that happened to us. We were arrested for failing to pay a court mandated hourly allowance to Terrance’s widow. She claims that we killed him. We claim it was the drinking and anger issues. Unfortunately that means that there will not be an episode this week because we spent a good portion of the weekend in cricket prison waiting to get released on bail. And yes the prison is exactly as small as you think it is. By the time this is over with paying the fee we will have been paying for six months, or 28 generations of Terrance’s progeny.