Episode 3

In episode three we chat about Facebook prayers. Do they do anything but give you a sense of self-gratification? Then we talk about the blurred lines between the separation of church and state. Autonomous vehicles is the topic of the final segment. We question whether they might be the future or whether they might try to kill us all. And in this episode we have new mics and they sound bad and we should feel bad.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 3

Episode 2

In this episode we discuss the idea of historical amnesia and the differences between North America and the rest of the world. Then Pete serenades us with a tale of a dinner date with a Neo-Nazi (alt-right). We then discuss the implications of being a Neo-Nazi. In the final segment we cover why nitrogen is a useless substitute for air in the tires of your daily driven car.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 2

Episode 1

In this episode we discuss President Trump’s economic plan and if put in place how that will or won’t affect Americans. The we discuss a Ted talk on insects in which we talk about the flavor differences. In the final segment Pete is surprised by Aaron’s preference between superchargers and turbochargers.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – Episode 1